Road Smoothing Specifications

Road Smoothing will be done to improve smoothness of the road. An accurate profile of the road taken before and after road smoothing will be submitted to the owner.
Contractor will provide all necessary materials to complete road smoothing. No extra pay will be provided for materials used.
Equipment used for road smoothing will be submitted by the contractor and approved prior to bidding. Equipment shall be designed for the express purpose of road smoothing. It shall have incorporated a physical block to keep the depth of cut to a maximum of ¼ inch at all times. Cutting head shall be held on a beam with a length of at least 20 feet to provide natural smoothing effect. All wheels holding the said beam shall be immediately cleaned of debris created by the smoothing action to insure accurate leveling.
Road smoothing will be accomplished to reduce the International Roughness Index (IRI) by at least 30%.